redd's Yeti auto Dope-Seeds Smoke Report

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Cannabis Seeds


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Sep 3, 2013
Apologees in advance if this belongs in another section! Was hoping to keep the Dope-Seeds family stuff together and didn't see a review section here

SeedBank : Dope-Seeds

Strain: Yeti

Did it autoflower?: Yes, day 18

Soil/hydro: own Supersoil

Nutes: Molasses, water, guanos, ewc

Light (kind and schedule): CLW SolarStorm 400w LED, 20/4

From seed to harvest date: 75 days

Dry Yield: 73g

High/Effect Duration: 2-4 hours

Description: Depends on how much is smoked and what time of day

RATE SCALE: * bad to ***** good


All buds large and in charge, big ol' chunks of Her Highness. Nothing turned out tiny or fluffy, all solid
very Sticky!


She stayed to herself the entire time, slower development towards the middle but picks right back up at the end
Could've seen larger plant overall but really zero nagging growing characteristics. High stress tolerance. Average feeder,
Large swollen calyxes!

THE SMELL: *****

Citrus tones with mainly a heavy high-quality smell, the one you just know is
some Top Shelf buds. You. Can. Not. Hide. The. Smell! :grin:


Expands a little in your lungs, but feels "light-weight" in your chest. Does not take much
to feel the effects, easy to medicate with

THE HIGH: *****

nice Sativa Up until after about an hour it comes down to a good balanced hybrid mellow to balance
and compliment the soft Sativa effects. Very nice hybrid, great for everyone if in a group

THE TASTE: *****

Here is where she really outdoes herself.. Dominate sharp Lemon Zing, mouth-watering,
leaves your mouth like ya had a sip of the fresh squeezed lemons juice

Here is a picture before harvest:



Berries of Blue
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Oct 8, 2012
Nice report redd...enjoy..:slap:

Grey Bear

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Dec 1, 2012
Thanks for the report redd
I am looking forward to this one myself!