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    Marijuana Growers Helping Growers ( MGHG) is an educational group that originated on Facebook that helps educate growers on cultivating cannabis (both photoperiods and autoflowers.)


    In recent times, Facebook and other popular social media groups have taken a stance against cannabis advertising, shutting down popular group and pages when they feel their terms have been violated (often times at random with no warning.)

    The Autoflower Network has offered MGHG a private (at their request) community space to continue discussing cultivation, host some of their own events/contests, and be able to more freely operate without the scrutiny of Facebook and archaic policies on cannabis.

    Please note, because this is a private community group and access has to be granted by request, MGHG may run under slightly modified terms of use and conditions of that of the Autoflower Network.

    In order to access the actual private MGHG forum, please fill out the request form below and permissions will be turned on promptly!

    Click Here to Join the Private MGHG Group!

    Welcome to our home and we hope in time you find it a place to call your own!

    Click Here to Access the Private MGHG Group!

    Thank you everyone!

    (Please note, this thread/public forum will remained locked to avoid any confusion.)

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