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Dec 18, 2018
Alkaloids Alkalise..Alkalising increases oxygen..oxygen is Life...My Honest opinion degenerative nerve pain is the nerves screaming for oxygen..cos they are dying..but then..I'm not the chemist either..I'm the Works for me.. know..goverments and big pharma wouldn't keep Secrets from us.........................................would they...?... :pass: forms..they all do the same job...(Mainly pain-killing..and if you over do it High)....just different Doses...

Pick me brains after New Year if you want....:headbang:..I'm just about ready to go on leave... tag me...
About that oxygen, you should look up Wim Hof, He has a technique of oxygenating the blood, tried it myself, got super high and or reset alot of things for me.

I tried mushrooms for the first time 5 months ago and must say I see the potential for good, but also bad. Overdoing many things can have negative results, but I think mushrooms are amazing, the possibilities for microdosing are there. I think this is a good sub to have!
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Dec 11, 2019
God help those people who advocate decriminalistaion of psychedelics and promoting their medical use. The war on drugs is one of the worst crimes in modern history I think (excuse me for being so radical). I know a guy with schizotypal disorder who was pretty much destroyed by the state healthcare and really improved his condition by using some illegal stuff including shrooms (he's been in remission for a long time)