Rifleman vs kushNFT Shortstuff Auto Jedi Kush grow off

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Feb 18, 2016
Ok we have a new battle getting ready to start here


At this time I would like to call both growers to introduce themselves and give us a run down what will they be growing and how they will grow it.


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Dec 30, 2015
I placed two Short Stuff Auto Jedi Kush in my five gallon DWC bubble buckets about four hours ago.

The light is a 1000w HPS, but I will be vegging at 60%. It is enclosed with a hood, six inch ducting, and an inline fan sucking it all through a fat carbon scrubber.

I do a Lazy Grower Style so I'll be using Advanced Nutrients pH Perfect MGB and maybe some of their additives later on. I rarely check pH, usually run less than recommended dosage of nutrients, and almost always have some burn by the end of the grow. :shrug:

I placed five seeds in damp paper towels and a zip lock 2-10 @ 1800hrs. By 2-12 @ 1200 both of the AJK and one of the others had cracked and we're placed into Rapid Rooters and buried in the hydroton.

I started with 15L of tap water. pH 7.7, average ppm 160.

To that I added 15ml each of the AN 3 part, and 9ml Hydroguard. pH is now 6.7 and ppm around 565

Then I put about a solo cup of hydroton in the bottom of the basket.


Centered the Rapid Rooter with the seed in it and back filled with another solo cup of hydroton.


Added another cup and a half of media to cover it all up.


And wait for them to pop their heads up so I can start counting.


Earlier I said I had 2 AJK, and 1 other that had cracked. Let me say a little more about that. Two buckets will run the AJK, and two buckets will run an F1 cross of a DDA and Sour Crack, the Sweet & Sour Devil's Crack. At planting time only one of the DC had cracked so I took the other two and went ahead and buried both in the fourth bucket. Which ever pops last dies. :nono: :haha:

This grow is about the Short Stuff Jedi Kush, but I wanted to explain what was apt to be seen later on when space gets tight. :headbang:

That's about it on my end, an old lazy grower doing it dwc and hps. Now let's go burn one while we wait for some greenery. :pass:

p.s. @KushNFT has already out done me once before in an informal grow and weigh, so I'm looking for redemption. Might even break out the chicken bones and voodoo curses to win this one. :crying:
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Dec 26, 2015
Game on bud:d5:

I have to go the bad guys though as I'm batting for the Dark Slide with a NFT table.....

.....Stand down lads, I'll take it from here:rofl:

I'll be using root riot to start 1 seed before placing it in a 4" rockwool block then see how happy I can keep it in a GT205 NFT system with IONIC hydro grow and bloom. My tap water isn't dirty enough to register anything on my EC meter so I'll add a wee drop nutes to get 0.2 or so and then pH down to get 5.5 when I setup a res. My 600W HPS will be on for 20 hours a day although I might have to tickle it with the 125W CFL to start with too.



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Dec 26, 2015
Went in to spray down the humidity dome to keep things moist and found the root riot a little dry on the outside.... Not hard and crispy, just a little pale. Hopefully no biggie and I'll have one in the next day or 2.