Ripley's OG first smoke report

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    Ripley's OG
    Seedbank Name: Mephisto Genetics

    Strain Name: Ripley's OG (Alien OG auto X Ruderalis)

    Did it autoflower?: Yes

    Soil/Hydro: Hydro RDWC

    Nutes: Canna aqua Vega / Flores + Canna Rhyzo + Canna Boost + CannaZym

    Lights: Galaxyhydro 300W, 18/6

    Days from seed to harvest: 1st plant : 65 days (smaller pheno) / 2nd : 73 days / 3rd : 85-95 days (staggered harvest and still got some buds fattening)

    Dry yield: 1st plant = 40 grams / 2nd = 60 grams / 3rd = 80-100 grams

    High effect/duration: Wow. The 3 plants got their own high. I like the cerebral high, don't like to be knocked off in my couch. The high stays for something like 3-4 hours easily. I'm in a heavy smoking period now and I got to say, the high is all in the head, creative high, giving you good laughs. Really strong, good solid high for heavy smokers.

    Bag appeal: ***** Even with my small light, buds are heavy and dense.You want to eat those babies. Trichomes orgy. Pure hasch machine.

    The growth: ***** Fucking monsters living their lives. Doesn't mind defo. They also love nutes, near the end I've fed them almost like photoperiod with 0 problems.

    The smell: ***** 1st plant = Pure lemon/citrus, gin tonic from another dimension. Like if bubbles where in buds. Just marvellous. / 2nd = She smelled like Mephisto says, some rubber mixed with summer hot meat. I've never smelled anything like this. Honestly not the best smell when you cut it but after some curing, fruits, musc and forest flavours are coming. I would say, the second plant now smells like a raspeberry. / 3rd : She's my masterpiece. She smells citrus/passion fruit first, then you got hit by a tiny weird smell (chocolate rubber) and then some fruits.

    The smoke: ***** Straight from heaven. You can smell her in the entire appartment. The smoke is greasy and stays where your joint is. Strong taste.

    The high: ***** Fucking stone but like I said, I like my high to be mental. Everything is in the head. Creativity, appetite, meditation.

    Conclusion : That was my fourth growth. My best grow. I've learned a lot, the hard way with my previous grows. Mephisto hooked me up, really. Their genetics are TOP and I can say that I won't buy my seeds anywhere else. So much fucking joy growing those profesionnal quality plants. Total respect. Now I got that depression feeling because my last plant will be finished in 4 days... Won't be growing now, I got to move town... But my next home will be filled with Mephisto girls !

    Thanks to Mephisto, there seeds are pure gold.

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