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Rosin Tech

Rosin Tech Single Ram Pneumatic Rosin Tech Heat Press (test in progress!)


Sep 26, 2017
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This is a great thread, i was intending to purchase the "bee-nail" brand pneumatic press , but after seeing this thread compared to the "bee-nail" rosin press test thread I think id prefer rosin tech. especially cause there was mention of less than perfect customer service on Bee-Nails part and that is the kind of thing that will largely effect my decision when making a purchase. the bee-nail press test thread is a much smaller machine etc. etc. compared to the rosin tech test press, so it is hard to compare , and I like to give the benefit of the doubt so their $1400 pneumatic press looked good. However, when i went to purchase the press, the promotion code that Bee-Nails' posted did not work. That was enough for me to change my mind. Obviously I asked in the thread if there is a different code but realized that the company has not posted in the thread for a while. So with that being said, I am looking to purchase the rosin tech pneumatic press is the link.....RosinTech Pneumatic Press........I was hoping there is a promo code available for AFN users. Obviously i will need Rosin Bags and scraping tools also. I am looking to purchase this ASAP, like I said, I would have already ordered a press had the promo code for the bee-nail companies press actually worked. I am hoping to have this press at my house long before christmas. If someone from rosin-tech would please address this thread that would be awesome..

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