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Details to follow...:amazon:..Gladiators sign in..

Test Team for [HASHTAG]#royalqueengroweroftheyear2018[/HASHTAG] are


Here is the list, alphabetized, with everyone's stain (as best I could tell from the earlier posts).:joy:

@AJrexxx Royal Kush Feb 16 March 1
@Ash-a-Ton Royal Critical Feb 13
@Belivitez Northern Light Feb 23 March 1
@Dabber Diesel Feb 23
@Dudeski Royal AK Feb 19 March 1
@islandgrower Special Kush Feb 16 March 1
@Only1Sky Bubble Kush Feb 17 March 2
@sanguine Northern Light Feb 14 March 5
@Unique Royal Jack Feb 21
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Man AFN ROCKS :headbang: all these battles, I cant wait to follow the ones I cant enter and compete in the ones I enter. I do have some RQ seeds can I enter my solo girl :LOLStoned:. No seriously let me see if I can make room for 1 more :wall: