S.A.D. Auto ✿ Strain Report

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Feb 4, 2013
Strain Report
..::|Sweet Afgani Delicious Auto|::..


Strain: Sweet Afgani Delicious Auto (Autoflowering Black Domina)
Seed Bank: Sweet Seeds
Judge: Tommy
Grower: Tommy
Report date: 06-08-2011


Ease of cultivation: 17
Yield: 17
Appearance: 15
Visible trychomes: 17
Aroma of the dried flowers: 16
Taste of the smoke/vapor: 16
Texture of the smoke/vapor: 19
Tolerance: 18
Effect: 18
Buzz duration: 19

Final result: (172/200)


Plant characteristics: Sweet Afgani Delicious Auto is a plant very easy to grow and to hide. It can be kept short in balconies and gardens where a limit of height should be respected and it is discreet also in terms of odour, because while she is alive if we don’t touch her the plant releases very few of her sweet aroma. It features strong branches which make of her a very bushy plant. The one I grew in a 18 liter pot produced 39 grams of dry flowers and she ended up with 30cm of height. In an outdoor grow during the summer the expected would be the 40 to 90cm mentioned in the Sweet Seeds catalog. But the fact that she remains short doesn’t prevent her to produce abundant flowers, just like her genetics predispose her to and just like you can see in this grow diary. She’s a bit less “hairy” than the non-auto version of SAD but her calyxes inflate in a great measure in the end of the flowering period, making dense and compact buds.

Aroma and taste descriptions: A sweet fresh aroma. Just like in the non-auto version, when we rub our fingers in her trichomed flowers it smells like a sweet venom which reminds me the intense sweetness of cough syrup. It is a medicinal aroma which makes the aroma to be persistent in the mouth and also in the nose. The taste is similar to the aroma but it features soft fruity tones with a bit of anise, which are only noticeable when we try the smoke/vapor.

.:|Flavors and Odours of the Flowers and their Vapors|:.

[1 - hardly noticeable | 10 - strong presence]

Bitter [ ] Bittersweet [ ] Musk [2] Ammonia [ ] Anise [4] Berry [ ] Blueberry [2] Coffee [2] Meat [ ] Church [4] Cedar [ ] Cherry [ ] Chewing Gum [ ]
Chocolate [2] Citric [ ] Coconut [ ] Fuel [1] Sweet [4] Spices [2] Floral [2] Strawberry [ ] Fruit [ ] Candy [6] Hashish [4] Weed [ ]
Iron [ ] Incense [3] Soap [ ] Lemon [ ] Wood [3] Mango [ ] Peach [ ] Melon [ ] Mint [ ] Menthol [ ] Honey [ ] Moss [ ] Orange [2]
Nutmeg [ ] Oil [ ] Perfume [1] Leather [ ] Pepper [ ] Pine [ ] Pineapple [ ] Rotten [ ] Grapefruit [ ] Cheese [ ] Chemical [ ] Liquorice [1]
Skunk [ ] Earthy [2] Grape [ ] Vanilla [ ]

Effect descriptions: SAD Auto offers a happy effect, relaxed and very physical. It arrives in a few minutes. The peak is between 5 and 30 minutes after consumption but it usually lasts more than one hour. The effect is adequate to when we practice activities that allow us to be calm and comfortable, such as walking, relax in the beach or in the nature, read, see movies or even to sleep, for example. A good effect to raise appetite, which is very noticeable about one hour after toking. Strong effect, Indica style.

Sweet Afgani Delicious Auto ...:::|:::... Sweet Seeds

Sweet Seeds

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Feb 4, 2013
Cheers Tang!

Hope you enjoy yours ;)

Actually you'll get much more than I did, but I've used just 250wHPS so I couldn't expect much more, hehe...

See you around, don't forget to tell us about your thoughts after you try the final product of your SAD Auto :thumbs:

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Jun 20, 2014
I have the have S.A.D auto that I'll be starting g a journal on next so can't wait! This grow was truly motivating, those look to be some really stable an world class genetics. I've grown outdoors for the past 5yrs mainly sativas and hybrids nothing of indica quality like S.A.D show 's. I've been searching high and low, forum after forum for info. The best I've found was here on AFN and it seems as though all the grow turn out with the plant being just about identical to all others. Since I'm moving the show indoors for the first time and have a very keen interest in breeding, I figure I should start with solid genetics. I've bred performance animals most of my life and even though the science with plants is slightly different, I totally comprehend and love the science that goes into it all.

Thanks for this one!:grat:

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Nov 7, 2017
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Soon to be some Bloody Skunk Auto(SweetSeeds)
Got some of these on the way also, really [email protected] firepower will be helping me catapult this strain to the moon in my MegaCobGarden-BIGUPS SweetSeeds,I SEE YOU!! HAAHAA!!

Time for the S.A.D!!!
:WTF:DOPE REVIEW TOMMY @Sweet Seeds -Bringing quality grows & reviews to WholeNothaLevel!!