Sage plunges into DWC

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Jun 23, 2017
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Right...ahem...long overdue update. Had to go away unexpectedly for a couple of weeks so had the choice to kill the grow, or just let it run in my absence. I let it run. I put a 12l bucket nearby and hooked it up to the viewing tube on my oxypot so total res was about 31 litres. Set ph and ec (ec low because I didn't want to burn it), crossed fingers and left. Came back a couple of weeks later expecting a dead plant but was surprised to find it still very much alive, no deficiencies, not yellow leaves, all looked very healthy. Except it was tiny! Seriously, it hadn't grown at all, it was the world's first DWC cannabis bonsai (I was rushed and thought I'd photo'd it but when I checked my phone later it wasn't there which is a shame because it looked hilarious). I chopped her down and dried the miniscule amount of bud, probably my smallest harvest ever. Still curing so don't know what it vapes like, but it's already developing a pungent smell.
But all is not lost, going to try hydro again because I really enjoyed the part of the grow I was around for. Maybe I'll just continue this thread when I'm ready to go. :vibe:
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