Scheduled Site Maintenance Friday, May 3rd (6 pm MDT +)

  • Festivus Fun has Started
  • AFN's Lighting Grower of the Year 2019 Battle has been Won by St. Tom with his Sanlight Q6W panel. Congratulations St. for the Staff Team..Yay...

  • AFN's Bomb Seed Grower of the Year 2019 Winner is St. Tom with his Cosmic Bomb Auto.

  • AFN's Zamnesia Grower of the Year 2019 Winner is St Tom CONGRATULATIONS St Tom - Staff Team Roar

  • AFN's Seed StockersGrower of the Year 2019 was Won by Vicent Van Grow. CONGRATULATIONS for the Members Team.

  • Congradulations to Mañ'O'Green for winning the Short Stuff Champion of Champions 2019 with his Auto StarDawg.

St. Tom

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Oct 6, 2016
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Still some issues with URL's the xenforo option for friendly url's isn't working but i'm working on it anyways.

There will still be some "maint" going on. I will be upgrading xenforo a few times to get us to the latest 2.x version. There will be some bumps along the way but in the end the site will run smother and the user exp will greatly increase!
hi pal dont think ive spoke to you before and thanks for making are home better

Thanks appreciate the shout out!
well in guys

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Mar 29, 2018
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Hey guys we're on it, taking a look. Please keep reporting any issues possibly caused from the update.
The size of file that php will allow has changed, i'll update it to accept a larger file size. I was able to upload, but with a smaller than 2mb picture size.
I'm still getting the same message