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Second indoor grow, 707 soil, FloraNova bloom,600 watt hps,3 gallon pots, bounch of strains


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Aug 30, 2020
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So i just started my second indoor grow. I'm growing 2 dark devils, 2 auto purples ,2 gelatos and a gorilla glue. I bought those from herbies headshop. The 2 gelato and the gorilla glue were freebies.
From kind bud farms I got blue diesel,gorilla cookies, rainbow candy,red jack, and watermelon punch.
I put all the seeds in their forever home and watered a little. 5 days later they all popped except the blue diesel. I just bought a replacement blue diesel and planted tonight . This is about a week and a half from seed.
I did happy frog with fox farms fruit and flower dry nutes for my first grow. 6 plants, a little over an onuce each plant. Thinking I can do better this time around.
I'll try to keep this updated weekly. Might try some topping or lst since I have 2 dark devil and 2 gelato.20200912_200319.jpg20200914_075853.jpg