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Apr 19, 2011
I had that with my last bunch of autos! Ive honestly germed hundreds of seeds and ive never seen it before, maybe its an autoflower problem :shrug:
:shrug: The two that lost their heads were twice the size as the rest of the Nicole creams and had the thickest shells i've seen from a seed lol Still have 2 in dirt so we'll see if they sprout ok,If not i'll be out for this round i guess :sadcry:


Mongol Madness
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Feb 21, 2017
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Whats so funny lol??
I speak English, obviously!
Gleswegian :thumbsup:
French, Italian, Spanish and a little bit of Thai but thats only basic stuff from doing Muay Thai!
So i am genuinely intrigued as to what your mother tongue is!?
Ye dinny want me gon aw glesga oan ye again noo dae ye, tawkin aw at spandanglish n at know!?!?
Man Mikis, long breath you have:bighug:What ya smoking atm?:hookah:
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