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Jun 20, 2017
Hay guys just put my next run into soak, this time is a Hyper Ryder SPG and a Blackberry Gum (about to start a separate thread for the BB Gum).
I will be using my 3 Gal Airpots filled with a Plagron Light Mix Soil and feed will be Gold Label base nutrients with added Shogun Calmag and Sumo Boost and AN Carboload and Overdrive, I will also use some Terpinator at the end. Lights are @GrowNorthern HS1s until the Telos are released then it will be two of those, I will be giving them 20hrs of light a day.
The Hyper Ryder is billed as an 8 week Auto so let's see if we can get her done in under 60 days.

Seed Stockers