Sensizym Question!


Auto Warrior
May 12, 2019
Hey guys, running DWC for the first time. My chiller is on the way and in the meantime i am just using frozen bottles in a solo 5 gallon bucket, doing DWC with 2 airstones. Shes at a light boil in the rez and temps are 65-73 depending on time of day.

Bucket is fully locked out of all light. I've also added reflective tape on parts of the hoses that exit the bucket.

I am just getting prepared for root rot if it just so happens to come along.

Do you use Sensizym as a preventative, or a cure... or both? and if so when should I start placing it in my rez. The lady isnt in the DWC yet, waiting for her roots to penetrate my rockwool cube
I should include I am using Green Planets 4 part line - Thanks!