September 2016 Autoflower BOM/POM competition

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Jan 8, 2015
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What an exciting BOM/POM comp it was in August. .... congrats to @witchyhour with the WIN in OVERTIME..... time to get the show on the road to crown a new King in September. ....

If you have a NAME and a LINK you can nominate!!!
Just post, with the following in the post
1)Name of nominated grower
2) Link to grow/picture

The Rules:

1) No Self-nominations .

2) Must be a Fully Auto flowering plant.

3) Nominating member can only nominate 1 picture per monthly contest.

4) One plant one nomination per member, Final picture decided by grower. Single picture of plant- no multi-views, no altered pics and no filters, please. Inanimate objects placed in photo or on plant to relate size are allowed, as long as not in excess.

5) Full documentation here on AFN. Fully documented meaning at least 4 weeks (28 days) to the time of the photograph, photographed & posted between the 25th of the previous month to the 25th of the current month.

6) A Thread link must be provided.

7) If a plant has been nominated in a previous BOM/POM Competition that plant is no longer eligable in the following months competition.

8) There will be no solicitation of votes via p.m or public announcement. You are allowed to post a link to the comp in your sig but any other chat in p.m or in journals with things like "votes make me happy" "votes appreciated" "please vote for me" "me love you long time" are ALL prohibited.
It's best to not even mention BOM voting as to not be dragged into the ring of maybe it's soliciting.

Anyone caught soliciting votes or altering the polls in any way will be DQ from the BOM for a period of 6 months.

NOMINATIONS ARE ACCEPTED until Sept 25th ,when the Voting starts!

The Prizes:
3.. Fast Buds Auto seed's
3.. Dutch Passion Auto Fem's
3.. Sweet Seeds Fems
3.. Mephisto Genetics Fems

NOTE: Prizes may vary between the US and Europe.

So, without further procrastination.....
May the Most Worthy Pic WIN!!


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Welcome to the September BOM competition
This months theme is a Tour De Hash
So tune that sled,or be left for Dead!!!
There are two classes....The Masters (above) and the Stoners class!! (Below)
So lets start finding the nominees!!!!​