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Oct 6, 2016
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here is a thread to post rumours and development of when things happen for us in the eu as times are changing the world over now and there is now medical cbd available but its only for certain conditions ..also i would appreciate any info on cbd products ect as maybe soon we will be like the usa and until then keep it lit and stay medicated


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Oct 25, 2017
Not so much to add from Belgium as ANY extract from ANY form of cannabis is illegal, irrespective of the THC content. The worst thing is that the drug laws also put the "EU standard" of less than 0.2% THC into the mix so CBD is in the greyest area possible as it is an extract from a form of cannabis BUT contains less than 0.2% THC. The result is I can buy as much hempseed oil and hemp seeds as I wish from health food places, but the second the active ingredient, in this case CBD, is extracted it is illegal to sell here.

BUT, and this is for reasons that have eff all to do with medicinal benefits, the bleached whale that is our Health Minister has declared that SOME forms of MMJ will be allowed for more ailments than the current "Sativex for specific conditions caused by MS" by the time of the next Federal elections next May, but that is only in response to so many doctors prescribing MMJ and people running the border to a select choice of pharmacies in Holland. So nothing to do with the known health benefits, just a means to control the prescribing and distribution as several businesses in Belgium ramp up production of something they can't actually sell here yet but hope to next year.

Details are scarce on what will be available and for what conditions, but I can't see anything that will make me stop growing as we all know that when Government is involved it just ends up as a complete disaster.

Meanwhile, the absolutely ridiculous laws stating you can have either one feminised plant or 3g of ready to consume in your own house provided you don't have kids. Now, I dunno about you but getting 3g off a single plant is a failure, and even then it is still not legal, all they have said is that you, effectively, will face the lowest prosecution priority so if caught you face an eternity waiting on a letter through the door saying you must go to court.

And, thanks to that absolute clusterfuck of laws based on decisions from 1921, they wonder why there is more weed than ever flooding the country, never mind grams or ounces, I can have a kilo or more delivered to my door in a matter of hours. Yet they still don't understand the situation they have created where an incredible amount of people openly flout the law daily.

One day common sense will prevail, but it'll probably need a massive shift in who gets the votes at elections so I ain't holding my breath. Meanwhile, the cost to the country thanks to alcohol continues to rise, especially drink driving, yet fewer steps are taken against that than against the poor sod who uses, not abuses, weed for medical reasons as they are convinced it's better to force you to take addictive and poisonous "medications" which WILL cause you more harm in the long term.

Go figure


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Jan 2, 2011
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I got you in mails @Belivitez :headbang:....passed on some links.

Question for Europe...if it is legal to buy high CBD seeds and products it also Legal to grow them....?

Is Anybody asking the question yet...?...........


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Sep 27, 2016
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For Croatia; products yes, but it must not have any thc in it,seeds are grey zone,growing Never.. They still judge weed as Heroin.. Stupid people.
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