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Ratiocinate Extraordinaire (look it up)
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May 25, 2016
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Update - Week 8

Tag:- @bushmasterar15 for Short Stuff Battle

Filling out nicely now, and the buds are starting to "stitch" together

I think she may take about another 4 weeks to finish where I want her, but we will re-evaluate as time gets nearer.

Taking feed well, EC 1.8 Ph 5.8 (Soil Ph 6.2). Around 3ft 6" tall, No tip burn, deficiencies or toxicity noted.

Added an old Mars (300w draw) LED for a bit of back and side fill.




Doom metal and weed. What else is there?
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Nov 20, 2017
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I'll post my update in a day or two, Once I make sure my forgetfulness didn't kill my monster plant lol.
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