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Doom metal and weed. What else is there?
AFN Gladiator
Nov 20, 2017
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Random mix of Stardawg, APG, and Cherry Bomb.
Here ya go... Shes frosting up beautifully. Leaves are discolored from... Who knows. Too close to harvest to fully remedy anything major.

She's full of golfball sized nugs, So she isn't gonna break any weight records. Probably around 5oz on her.


Ratiocinate Extraordinaire (look it up)
AFN Gladiator
May 25, 2016
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THC Bomb, G.S.C., Blackberry, Caramel, Euphoria, Amnesia, CandyDawg, Purple Stilton & Others
Getting Close

A tric shot of my battle plant


StarDawg 07th July 2019 Mid Test Bud Trics 2.jpg




AFN Gladiator
Jan 30, 2018
My Auto Gorilla Bigfoot has no choice but to be chopped soon. A stupid rookie CalMag def ignored by me and the heat ain't doing her much favors. The yellowed leaves are dying off and causing rot. Already cut a few colas. So not gonna risk her further.

So much potential ruined by yours truly. However, she smells crazy good and will grow her again soon as a personal vendetta!

Will not forget a final pic before chop!