Short Stuff Grow Battle 2018


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Feb 13, 2018
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Good deal, just got back to the house from chilling in the combine shelling corn and checked the cups and I'm ready to plant. Battle code @Ripper ?

week 2 update

Short Stuff Shizzle

week 2

Week 3 @bushmasterar15

Week 4 @bushmasterar15 Shizzle- Short Stuff

Well the Shizzle went from about 6" tall last night to almost 1' tall this morning, post some pics this afternoon or her, good thing I labeled them cause she's almost identical to my Crème de la Chem, now the purple Gorilla for the Short Stuff battle she just hit her days to really start explosion of growth I think, has anyone else noticed that, (least IMO).
There's a day or two before the explosion of growth where the plants plateau kinda with no visible changes really except all ur tops direct themselves in line with a light source then just shoot up.

Or on a couple I saw where they kinda point thier tops towards the main then shoot up and lean out to give the main her space?? Just my observation and opinion on what I've done of autos so far.

@bushmasterar15 update Shizzle

Shes starting to take off once the forum stomper next to her goes in couple days shes got a nice cob to her self dang near.

Biy these short stuff girls have some vigor get an updated pic in am of them Shizzle is racing the crème de la Chem to flower it's crazy to watch these to run through veg

@bushmasterar15 update Shizzle from Short Stuff, putting out some big leaves and lots of fingers on them new ones have 11 so would say she has some heavy indica in her.
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