• Well, we're still working on things and I imagine we'll see some bugs, some breaking, and things that need to get fixed. We'll start on the most critical things first and work our way down. We're still installing add-on's and squaring away some licensing stuff, but feel free to browse the board and we'll update everyone on when things are added, restored, or otherwise changed.
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St. Tom

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Oct 6, 2016
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Week 9 update @bushmasterar15 my amnesia cbd is starting to fatten up real nice I think she will go to 11 weeks to get the most of her there hasn't been any change this week at a ec of 1.6 ish


Have you seen my weed?
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Feb 5, 2017
For your final pics we'll use the Code: Short420 so same as the germ photo piece of paper with username, date, code and strain. Thanks everyone.
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