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Show us your Tea heads (Foam)


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Jul 12, 2018
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Yeah you lol. I was curious is all becuase they look like smaller bubbles so I was guessing they were a single or dbl air stone.When dealing with over say 2-3 gallons(closer to 3 prolly) larger chrming bubbles are whats needed.Smaller does work but lacks some health.Just something to consider in the coming months maybe..? Nice tea though no doubt!!
Thanks for the tips! I added another air stone but it wanted to overflow, I am making 2 gallons so next time I'll put it in a 5 gallon bucket so it can froth away. As the foam has died down tho I added another larger airstone so I have both going now. I'm getting quite the bog water looking brew and it smells a bit like a wet dog, so I think it's doing well. First go was too cold and it was OK but gets better as I refine and learn :thumbsup:
I'll pick up a nice, big airstone to use next round, some brands give big bubbles some finer so I'll get the one that's giving me the bigger bubbles.