Site Changes & Updates - December 16th, 2018

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  • Hey everyone, I'm doing some testing on some things and will have the Live IM chat add-on disabled for the time being. Appreciate your consideration and apologies for any inconvenience! - Hobbes (7 pm MDT 2/13/2020)

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Oct 8, 2012
Hey everyone we took some consistent feedback we received about some of the navigation related challenges of the forum and so we're attempting to fix up a few of those things here!

For starters, we decided to remove the "Cannabis Community" section since we're building out our new "The World of Cannabis" section (containing forums for Canada, USA, and Europe,) which created a bit of an overlap.

We've created a new forum in "The World of Cannabis" called "Cannabis Cups, Expos, & Trade Shows" that will house any discussion of those types of events.

The four forums that were in "Cannabis Community" were:

1. Autoflower Cup
2. CannaGrow Expo
3. Operation Compassionate Care
4. Raywear Clothing Company

Autoflower Cup & CannaGrow Expo were moved the "Cannabis Cups, Expos, & Trade Shows."

Operation Compassionate Care was moved under the USA section in The World in Cannabis.

A new forum was created in the The CannaZone: Grow Battles & Performance Testing called "Clothing & PPE Discussion and Vendors," and Raywear Clothing Company was moved to this forum.

More updates coming soon, a few bigger changes planned!