Site Upgrade Complete - Next Step: Installing Add-on's and Bug Hunting

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Son of Hobbes

High of the Tiger
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Oct 8, 2012
Hey everyone, the site is officially updated to the latest version of our forum software! We're staying with the same software itself (so it should be very familiar in how it looks,) this is just the latest and greatest version of it.

Obviously the site itself looks different; none of the old visual styles or software add-on's we used in the previous version translate over to this new version (which gives us a chance to start a bit fresh.)

We have a plethora of new software and add-on's we'll be implementing! Some of them will be done immediately and some we will work on rolling out in stages (since they require some feedback from the community itself.)

A few quick notes:

1. The Showcase Reviews did not translate over to the new version of the software. We have the recent backup for AFN before the update was done and our plan is to pull it up on the dev forum, pull the review information, and put it back on here using our new Review system. It'll be a process but I wanted everyone to know that we do have the data and there is a plan in place to get those reviews over here.

2. This is light contrast visual style that one of our staff members help put together based on AFN's old colors. It's not 100% yet so please let us know if things are iffy anywhere. We've purchased a light and dark contrast theme for the forum at your request.

3. There may be bugs, there may be errors, this is new territory for us to see this live with so many members and posts going on. So bear with us while we work on things and get things ironed out, we didn't expect this being smooth as silk but we're ready to iron out the wrinkles.

4. Some key elements like Media Gallery are waiting to get installed yet; the old data should still be available (with all of your images!)

We'll post more as we do more and know more!
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