Skyline Led


who you trying to get crazy with ese?
Oct 12, 2014
Brand of LED:Skyline Led(400w+200w)

Price of the led :Can't find them on the site at the minute

Delivery cost:??? (Gifted for test)

What size was the grow space :4x4x7

Spectrum used: Multi spectrum white CREE XTE series LEDs

Customer service rating..1-5:5

Wattage of the LED ( actual power draw if poss):200w-100w

Optics used :

Build quality:very solid

Warranty length :5 years

Any noticeable plant deficiencies :No

Value for Money Rating..1-5:

Addition info :I was given the 400w+200w Skylines to test in a 4x4x7 tent,the units are very well built have a hanging bracket a long power lead and put off no heat and for the veg period they're the best light I've used all my plants had great shape,size and colour but when it came to flowering the one thing I learned is a 400w and a 200w Skyline in that size tent is not enough light my yields went way down,now I'am not writing the Skylines off I'am going to put them in a much smaller tent and I'll write another review because I know they'll do much better in the smaller space.

Link to your AFN grow:

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