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Smoke Report - Bomb Seeds - THC Bomb


Ratiocinate Extraordinaire (look it up)
May 25, 2016
Somewhere in East Anglia, UK
Currently Smoking
THC Bomb, G.S.C., Blackberry, Caramel, Euphoria, Amnesia, CandyDawg, Purple Stilton & Others

THC Bomb Auto Cob Logo2.jpg

Seed Bank:- Bomb Seeds ( Tag:- @BombSeeds )

Strain Name:- THC Bomb

Plant selected :- Plant Number 1

Cut Date:- 26th April 2019

Autoflower ? :- Yes

Description:- 1 Plant grown in Autopot, with Airdomes, shared Cob lights in an indoor tent, (6 mixed plants in total)

Medium:- Soil/hydro - Canna Pro Soil mixed with perlite (20%) & pebbles (25%) and a bottom layer of pebbles.

Nutrients Used:- Ferro Regionally Adjusted - Full Range (See my "Nutrient Review"), Plant Magic Mycorrhizae, Mammoth P, Charge.

Light Used:- 8 x @BigSm0 AutoCobs with an old style 300w Draw Mars Hydro as occasional fill in late flower. All lights 20Hrs On / 4 Off

The Growth:- About 5ft tall in Autopot, Very Big Girl, Wide & High, used a cage to support growth. Very Heavy colas, stems need lots of extra support (I didn't support them enough).

Seed to Harvest:- Cut at 83/84 Days, 11 Days+ slow dry.

Problems Encountered:- I had my first ever "Spider mite" attack, but managed to reduce it and manage it well. The huge growth and weight of the colas, as mentioned above.

Dry Yield:-
1 Plant, 498.05 grams of trimmed dried bud, that is over 1lb... very impressive, plus i also retrieved 12.5g of screened kief - Score 10/10.

Bag Appeal:- Bud is a slightly airy, not excessively frosty, but still on the better end of the scale - Score 6/10.

The Smell:- Strange, But.... Different jars have different smells, but all very nice, fruity & spicy to my nose, maybe they will change with some more cure time. - Score 9/10.

The Smoke:- Nice & smooth, (for 1 month cure time), will get better with time - Score 7/10.

High/Duration:- I find this more of a gentle high.... then I suddenly fall asleep.... nice, but I think there was a trade off strength Vs size, and size won (this time) - Score 6/10.

Positive Effects:- I like the change of taste, and effect, that this smoke gives, Relaxing, aids sleep - Score 7/10.

Negative Effects:- None that I can think of, but I can't stop thinking "if only this had that a bit more... something", as mentioned already, & taste is a bit mild - Score 6/10.

Overall Rating for this plant:- Score 7.3/10.


THC Final Poll A.jpg

THC Final Poll B.jpg

Bud 2.jpg

Bud 1.jpg

THC Bomb Final 3.jpg

THC Bomb Final 1.jpg

THC Bomb Final 2.jpg

THC Bomb Final 2A.jpg

Trics 2.jpg

Full Grow Journal available.

This report is my own personal experience.
Your experience my vary.


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