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Jan 21, 2017
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Germ by jan 21st
solo cup may be used. In any way.
Standard size
Up to 18oz.
Root mass MUST be inside 1cup with plant.
Any medium of choice.
Autoflowers only.
Weekly updates preferred biweekly mandatory.
Final plant selected by feb 14th.
Put yer name on your cup
And a final pic must contain full plant/cup with a note.

Ok here is the current list of members in for the Solo Cup grow
Ash-a-Ton - Stilton Special wk1✔wk2✔wk3✔Harvested
Ajrexxx - SweetSeeds Crystal Candy wk1✔wk2✔wk3✔wk4✔Harvested

pop22 - Out
Archaic - Out
Padawan1972 - Chem wk1✔wk2✔Out
rc3600 - wk1✔Out
Iamlegend2121 - Out

Free Flow - Polar Express wk1✔wk2✔wk3✔wk4✔Harvested
Rev. Green Genes - 3BOG wk1✔wk2✔wk3✔wk4✔Harvested

DMrides220 - Out
Wawashell - 3BOG wk1✔wk2✔Out

Gatorbackbob - LSD25 wk1✔wk2✔wk3✔Harvested
Mrs-A-Ton -sour livers wk1✔wk2✔wk3✔Harvested

Farqual - Out
ChillFred ? Out

DylanUnknown - Mini Gun auto wk1✔wk2✔wk3✔wk4✔Harvested
iampepe - Skywalker x Double Grape wk1✔wk2✔wk3✔Harvested
NastyN8t - wk1✔wk2✔wk3✔wk4✔Harvested
CaNNaDON420 - Mephisto Stilton wk1✔wk2✔wk3✔Harvested

Renaissance Redneck - wk1✔ Out
bushmasterar15 - Pyramid Auto Wembley wk1✔wk2✔wk3✔wk4✔Harvested
FullDuplex - wk1✔Out
Engineered Grower - Out
islandgrower - Sour Livers wk1✔wk2✔wk3✔Out
1939bear - FastBuds C4 wk1✔wk2✔Out
jingo - Short Stuff Gorilla Glue/Purple Amnesia wk1✔wk2✔Out

Prophetiko - Illuminauto [HASHTAG]#10[/HASHTAG] Chem City Blues X Chemdoggingwk1✔wk2✔wk3✔
Cotton46 - Sour Stomper wk1✔wk2✔Out
Site - wk1✔wk2✔Out
Takkitime - wk1✔Out
Starbreaker ? Out
Pops - Sour Stomper wk1✔wk2✔Out
Dabber - Seedsman Kush wk1✔wk2✔Out
Kels59 -Sour Livers wk1✔wk2✔Out
Kingflipper - Critical Soma wk1✔wk2✔Out

OptimusAuto - Gigabud auto G13 labs wk1✔wk2✔wk3✔wk4✔Harvested
WalterW - Hoffmann Automatic wk1✔wk2✔wk3✔

Jo Sensi ? Out
Delmar - Mephisto Skywalker wk1✔wk2✔Out

Sleeveofauto - Mephisto AvT wk1✔wk2✔wk3✔wk4✔Harvested
AcoupleGrowers - MBAP wk1✔wk2✔wk3✔Out
shanks123 - wk1✔Out
Farmer John - wk1✔Out
Adamskill - Out
daniel bishop ? Out
mikey2017 - wk1✔ Out

Only1Sky - Chem Bubbly wk1✔wk2✔wk3✔wk4✔Havested
TheMongol - wk1✔Out
Belivitez - RQS Northernlights wk1✔wk2✔wk3✔wk4✔Harvested
Heavily Medicated - FastBuds GSC wk1✔wk2✔wk3✔wk4✔

Noob420 ? Out
hecno - wk1✔wk2✔wk3✔Out

SOOTDAWG - Pineapple Head Express wk1✔wk2✔wk3✔wk4✔
chad8710 - wk1✔Out
drjkl1 - wk1✔Out
Eclectic Elle - Female Seeds Auto Bubble wk1✔wk2✔wk3✔Out

Frank Rizzo - 3BOG wk1✔wk2✔wk3✔wk4✔Harvested
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Dec 20, 2016
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@Renaissance Redneck since you the staff member here right now...

I am trying to vote on the festivus staff member comp, it says I don't have permission. It does not show a closing date for the vote either.
is that @Son of Hobbes thread? who fixes that?