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 Indoor Grow  Completed Sour crack dwc - Harvest Day 50 56g dry

Discussion in 'Mephisto Genetics' started by MissUniverse, Apr 11, 2019.

  1. MissUniverse

    MissUniverse I put metal in the microwave Gladiator level 1

    Jan 19, 2016
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    I still cant believe it was done in 50 days myself. It was perfect conditions all the way. Sour crack is that perfect strain, and as @slowandeasy says it's a wonderful plant. I think I've brought it to the next level for people looking for a quick harvest. I dont call myself a good dwc grower. I've now had a 50:50 survival with dwc but all my survival have been mephisto. All with sour crack in the lineage. So this makes me think sour crack is a great candidate for a first attempt at dwc.fast, dosent ask for much and you can keep the nutes light and the bucket wont get low too fast if you forget the res for a few days due to mistakes. Just dont forget the air stone. In my 24x48x60 space I can now safely say i could shove 3 sour crack in there and get 150 grams in 55 days in dwc without much work besides air flow and temperature management.
    Think about it. 50 days a harvest. That means with 10 days down time that's about 6 harvests a year so that's over 300 grams a year of sour crack. Multiplied by 3. That's almost a kilo a year in my space. That's more than enough... now only if there was a cbd variety I'd be trying that for the hubby for seizures more. Sour crack works decently for him but other strains work better. We needed fast turn around. I dont know how we did it. But we did. And yeah its dense and how it managed it I dont know. I swear it's from them improving it down another generation to f8. Its speedy Gonzalez.

    Correct me if I'm wrong, but I think this might be a record for fastest turnaround and highest weight for turn around. All I need now is a lab test. I would bet this tests at about their advertised 19% or higher. This is a game changer. From seed to harvest to jar in what, about 60 days? You can break out the tent and clean up and have it away in 2 months. Want smoke for Christmas? Start in September and itll have enough of a cure for everyone to enjoy a 1.5 month cured and home grown gift and some for the holidays themselves too. If you only smoke a few times a month you're set for an entire year. I have a friend who didnt believe me until they sas the thread and now they want to do it. They got their spouse to agree because it was fast, it was big enough but didnt get huge and it isnt overly expensive.

    I'm going to try and prove that autoflower in dwc sont always need to take longer than in soil. It's all about the nutrient timing. Going linger for "bulk yield" dosent equate to better product, proper harvest timing does. The plant will determine it not the breeder timeframes, or anyone elses. The plant trichomes and it will tell you. The leaves will just have a change in their sheen and under blurple I've learned that theres a slight change in the lights frequency that the plant gives off that is slightly noticable when you have your phones camera on. It will make the camera turn to a blue dominated ring from a red dominated tint. I'm trying to track down what it is but it's a lot of code to figure it out. But it happens when you move your plant from artificial florescent lights to marshydro oldseries 300 and 600 LEDs illuminated lights then directly to a leaf of a plant which is near harvest. I kid you not. I have a educated guess that the plant is losing chlorophyll and so other colors are emerging and the camera on the phone is adapting automatically to the new color through auto color balancing. Either way, this phone is going nowhere. It's a tool for my toolbox if I ever upgrade.

    And up next, sour crinkle throw back to illuminautos #21 cross of sour crack and grape crinkle
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  2. Frank Nitty

    Frank Nitty Mephisto Maniac

    Apr 21, 2018
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    Og fire cookie,skunk,nl big bud...
    Im about to drop all of mine right now!!!

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