Sour Crinkle! Illuminauto #21

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Jul 6, 2017
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multiple mephisto strains
Mephisto Genetics: Sour Crinkle
Heritage: Sour Crack x Grape Crinkle
Ind/Sat: very indica leaning
Time til harvest: day 66ish from seed.
Size: around 55-60 cm
Yield: 117 grams dried!!!
Aroma/profile: very very pungent sour chemy citrus, with a sour spilt wine, limey, minty finish
Density: 10/10!!!!!

2 gallon pot with potters gold soil.
Nutrients were Emerald Harvest 3-part grow micro bloom with complete line of macro, hardener/swell, sweetener, roots. Their 7 bottle line. Very easy to use.
Lighting was at 19/5 with a 3000k c.o.b led, 196 watts @ full power, 102 par watts, 4 [email protected] 45 watts each. S.crinkle was on autopilot. She just did it from start to finish. Trichrome coverage was almost nil on foliage. Which for her parents i thought was odd, but her buds are completely entrenched in trichs, and oils...
Absolutely stellar F1 hybrid vigour!

Just put in jars after 6-7 days hanging. So far a very skunky-limey-grapey mint aroma happening.
I expect a somewhat longer cure time to finish the complex aroma.
Will see.
I ran trim through bubble bags. Fresh frozen. Absolutely gorgeous crumble. Taste like lime. Hits hard. Was gonna run the nugs as well, but just too pretty. So Just gonna keep as flowers.

I was waiting, and hoping for this cross to happen. And was stoked to see it as first in list in last illuminauto drop.
Ive literally ordered this strain 3 separate times now. And if still in stock in couple days, im ordering again.
I initially was just going to run one at a time out. And nurse stash of these a while. But have 2 more at 25 days now.

Basically any mephisto phanatic is gonna go apeshit for this strain. Seriously, if you thought sour crack was dense... wow!!!
5 stars outta 5!!!!
Across the board for the grow of this baby.
Will post smoke report after 30 day cure...
But from the dried preview, and bubble hash trim run. This Sour Crinkle is as potent as advertised, and as much as you would think from this F1...
Ive said it before.... if these are still in stock, and you haven't picked up a pack, dont delay.
Unless MG makes her a special edition she will NOT be around indefinitely, or even long...
Sour Crinkle... day 66-67 chop
117 dried rock hard grams...


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Mar 17, 2013
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Wow!!! Well done sir. You've certainly sold me on this. I wasn't expecting to make another order until spring lol one pack won't hurt lmao Seriously though I am sold. 2 gallon pots too, impressive.


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Jul 6, 2017
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multiple mephisto strains
Getting ready to drop these 2018 artisanal and special edition testers!!!!!
But still leaving space for a couple more Sour crinkle in grow.
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