Sources of Grain Alcohol, post your link here!

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Dec 15, 2013
Its not easy for many of use to get grain alcohol, mainly because people are stupid enough to drink it straight........... and it is explosive. Many states have banned Everclear for that reason. There are other sources though and I've found a good one, prices are reasonable as I can buy 5 gallons shipped for less than I paid for 3 gallons of everclear!

Here is my link:


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Jan 2, 2017
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Here is my link:
All I can get now is 151 dark rum but no matter what you do, it looks black. I used to get 151 white rum but the distiller discontinued it. Any Canadian sources will be most welcome!

We used to throw wild parties with drinks made from Everclear. 'Ol' blackout juice' we called it.
Sublingual I can handle. Down the throat has to be made into "kahlua" or whatever, but its cheaper to get real liqueur that tastes way better. Besides, my friend isn't comfortable bringing everclear or alcool from Quebec anymore.


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Aug 19, 2017
Just watched a cool video a guy used a water distiller to separate the alcohol then it’s reusable. And it’s safe.
I bought one of these a year or so ago on for $130, and it can remove about 300 mL of alcohol from tincture in 10 min.

A water distiller that looks just like this, but without any temperature control could work, but the boiling might be too vigorous as the contraption tries to get up to 212 F.

The price has gone up, and this device is also sold as a ~$500 GreenOilMachine.
Extractcraft Source is another, more expensive option that distills at about 100 F under low pressure.


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Mar 31, 2017
After some deep thinking and talking mainly to myself I believe I’m gonna buy a countertop alcohol distiller (green oil machine a bit cheaper) a 6.5 gallon bucket 15 lbs of organic sugar turbo yeast and make my own using the machine. Then with my own homemade organic alcohol I will wash canna, that will be ran back through the distiller to save the alcohol (about 80%) to reuse. Then what’s left in the machine is your oil concentrates still containing a little alcohol put in a shallow glass container and low heat coffee maker base is what was used in the video. One run of 6.5g should make 1 gallon of 190 proof. I will by the meter necessary to know the % I’ll be working with. I found a company in Maine that makes culinary concentrates 190-200 proof. The organic non gmo goes for $125 a gallon but I’ve read reviews that the concentrates made tasted Great. Expensive cheaper to make my own.