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Jul 11, 2018
In the video he says UV and IR are just for show...4:30. Is there truth to this? Also this light looks mighty fine and as a new grower planning out a 2.5x5 tent the price point looks mighty attractive too.
I was hoping @MarshydroTina would answer this one. I don't have the equipment or the know-how to measure this so i don't really know how much these UV and IR diodes add to the spectrum but what i do know is that the UV and IR diodes do work on my light. I don't think they would add them "just for show", i am sure they add something to the mix, and it would surely be cheaper for them to just use red and blue diodes instead of the more expensive UV and IR diodes.

The other thing i can tell you is that Shane doesn't appear to be convinced about adding IR and UV at all and i've even seen him say he isn't convinced about extra red adding anything in flower. He seems obsessed with efficiency, too obsessed, it's not all about that... Imo price matters as well if not more. His take is that 3500k white light is the way to go, nothing extra needed which is why Migro lights don't have any extra reds or UV and IR. Just straight 3500k white light COB.

But hey you can put the Migro 100 inside your aquarium so that's gotta be worth 100 bucks more right ?
I mean clearly we all buy grow lights to have them submerged under water lol
Honestly i don't understand the Migro lights at all, just overpriced COB's in water-tight packaging.
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