Spanish attitude towards the holy plant

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Jun 8, 2018
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So I have recently encountered some pushback by a family member on my partner's side who is a lawyer. We have been discussing the legality of growing in your home for personal use. He seems to believe that any growing of any kind warrants a jail sentence and has been immovable with his opinions.

I have provided him with all information I can find on the internet.

The general feel of Spanish law as I see it regarding the plant is as follows:

Spain holds your right to privacy very high, meaning if you grow in private you are not doing much wrong. The law states using or growing or anything relating to the plant in public space is deemed as a criminal offence with the chance of a fine or greater depending on circumstance. But that basically means as long as you are growing and consuming in the privacy of your own home it is decriminalised. As long as you are not selling/gifting to anyone you know or taking it into a public space you should be fine.

Now this is some information from the other point of view...

The relaxation of the rules for personal use started in Catalonia due to their claim for independance. The government overturned that rule.

Any decriminalisation relates to one plant only in support of diagnosed illnesses where a doctor confirms cannabis will help.

I am after someone who may have a good deal of knowledge on the subject who could shed some light on the legality/decriminalisation of growing your own.

I believe in what I've researched myself although my Spanish is far far from being usable, so I'm relying on what other people have posted online. But when you have a lawyer telling you the opposite it's hard to know what's what. Although I don't believe his intentions are fully honest. So I come to this great source of knowledge to ask!

Sorry if this is inappropriate to post, but I feel it's very important to work out. And seeing as many people on here live in Spain you may know more on the subject with Spannabis coming up and all!
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