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Eyes on Fire

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Sep 17, 2013
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yeah. . . . I would use the GDB mix like I do which imho works far better than the regular layered system. could even tier it too. but you really wont need it. I like to do that though. 3 Gallon TM3 fabric aeration pots off amazon. 10 pack for like 20 some bucks. not terrible man I have ben using them awhile.I had some soil issues trying to push through this grow so they totally could have looked three times better easily LOL not layer. mix up the 1.5 CF soil pack with the soil your using and add a few thing IF you have or can afford them. but water only works well. I would do a flower tea. or two even three milder ones. but one at mid flower will work nicely with the Mammoth imo. youll have an excellent grow man


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Oct 17, 2016
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@Eyes on Fire what size pots were you using?

I have a spectrum king 100w closet case and a 2x2x5ft tent on the way and im wondering how many plants and what size pot or pots i should use? I know this probably depends alot on strain size lol
My goal is to use water only with gbd soil, mammoth p, recharge, and optic foliar overgrow.
I always had to add bloom nutes and camg in mid to late flower in my micro grows with half gallon pots so i would like to use pots big enough to ensure the gbd soil is enough for the whole grow.
I was thinking one 3 gallon pot would be big enough to let the plant fill the tent and hold enough gbd soil to finish flowering.
But i would much rather have a variety of strains to enjoy so i was thinking 2-3 two gallon pots but i dont think those will hold enough gbd soil to finish flowering.

Here is the setup:
Secret jardin ds60 (2x2x5ft)
Spectrum king 100w closet case
4x8 phresh filter
4in vortex fan
Active air fan speed controller
2 six inch clip on fans

I've 2 closet cases in a 4x4 (1 side of my 4x8) usually 1 girl per light definitely can do more but i run autopots so the girls get huge sometimes check out my 3bears og and white crack grow a tad short of 1gpw I love that the CC barely give off any heat cool to the touch with a fan blowing in there direction... Great lights for sure


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