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SANlight st tom does short stuff purple gorilla and sanlights

St. Tom

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Oct 6, 2016
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im seeded for this leg
*SmartGro Ultrasonic Humidifier 9.5 Litres
5 inch rhino pro carbon filter
RVK 125 L1 systemair in line turbo fan high power
2 secret jardin monkey fans 1x 20 w oscillating
1 x 30 w both with tent pole clips
remo supercharged kit full line
**4x4 Grow Tent
weekly update of purple gorilla shes now in her forever home in her autopot being top fed with remo feed at an ec of 1.1 and a ph of 6.2 i have 2 of these one is day 1 also

Check this strange lady at day 13 shes a little rough looking shes has all 3 finger leaves I'm going to let her grow and see what becomes of her

Week 2 update day 19 on 1 purple gorilla and day 8 for her sister im not sure what girl i will be choosing yet

week 3 update on my purple gorillas this is both on the left ones a bit of a slow girl in the autopot so I may be using the airpot girl for the grow off I will let you know there both on remo veg feed at a 1.7 ec

week 4 update @bushmasterar15 shes really stunted and shes going to be a very small plant and my girls are huge

week 5 updates my lady is tiny to my other girls I think I damaged the main stem earlier on

week 6 update on tiny tim i never seem to grow small girls like this but i damaged her stem earlier on in her life but she will still be a chunky girl i also have her sister who is 10 days younger is a big lady

week 7 update no real changes i will try get a better pic when i move her big sister

week 8 of my purple gorilla i think she may be my smallest plant grown to date i also have her younger sister 10 days behind who is a big beast of a thing

chop pic for my purple gorilla at day 74