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Jan 2, 2011
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@St. Tom Presents [HASHTAG]#short stuff[/HASHTAG] [HASHTAG]#amnesiahazehighcbd[/HASHTAG]

@St. Tom Battle Kit

My setup for upcoming battles
4x4 grow tent
5 inch rvk fan for extraction
15 ltr autopots with 47 ltr res
2 x sanlight q6w lights
2 x monkey fans

@St. Tom Battle experience***info needed

Final Dry Weight*** info needed.

chop day amnesia cbd heres my final pic of her

week 11 for my amnesia cbd this is the 1st time ive been able to get a proper pick of her fully and shes much bigger than i ever could of imagined and being dwarfed at the back beside the big gorilla glue and the sanlight still have penetrated through to her middle colas

week 10 update at day 68 on my amnesia cbd cross no changes this week shes been so easy going at the back of my tent you could just feed and forget about her on my autofeeder i think i will get a great little harvest from her and i cant wait to try her

Week 9 update @bushmasterar15 my amnesia cbd is starting to fatten up real nice I think she will go to 11 weeks to get the most of her there hasn't been any change this week at a ec of 1.6 ish

week 8 update day 55 of my amnesia cbd girl shes at the back of the tent so the pictures ain't the best but shes enjoying life and not a murmur out of her a very happy lady being on a shared res also no changes this week with a ec of 1.6 ish and ph of 6.2

week 7 update my amnesia at day 47 cbd is a great little girl and has responded well to flower nutes my only issue is sharing a res my gorilla glue needs stronger feed so figuring a strength there all happy with but I've never grown or even smoked a CBD and I'm so excited to try her

week 6 update my cbd amnesia my little xmas tree is flying along after getting her stem broken early on shes on full remo flower feed at a ec of 1.6 and ph of 6.2 and no real changes from last week

week5 update I've had no changes this week shes just enjoying life under the @SANlight shes at day 32 and seems to have got over her broken stem still on veg feed at a ec of 1.4 I will be putting her on flower feed next week

week 4 day 31 my cbd she is my competition plant I snapped her stem and she is very stunted but I still think she will do very well I may run both short stuff next round again

week 3 update day 19 for my cbd amnesia shes still in a 3lr airpot till my autopot if free this week and my purple gorilla at the same age but in a 10lr airpot both on full remo veg feed at a 1.3 ec and ph of 6.2 also i had a little accident and snapped my main stem on the gorilla the day after i topped her and its slowed her down a little but im confident she will pick up ive been spraying her daily with kelp

week 2 update short stuff cbd has been repotted into a 3ltr airpot till my autpots are free and purple gorilla is in a 10 ltr airpot they are both on remo veg feed and are flying along but with still having 3 big girls in the tent i just had to use what i could in the space i had left

week 1 update

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