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Stone Dragon (fem) Smoke Report by Pal


Auto Warrior
Dec 2, 2012
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Hey guys, here is my smoke report for Stone Dragon, enjoy :)

SeedBank : Dragon Masters Seed Co.

Strain: Stone Dragon Fem F4 I believe.

Did it autoflower?: Yes

Soil/hydro: Soil, Plagron Light Mix, roughly 5/6L

Nutes: Plant Magic Oldtimer Grow & Bloom, BAK Organic PK Booster, Epsom Salts

Light (kind and schedule): This plant was never given any direct light, she was just for fun along side my two DWC girls, they shared 2 x GN MS006 units between them all. This Stone Dragon just made the most she could from reflected light off the tent walls. 24/0.

From seed to harvest date: 85 days

Dry Yield: 43g

High/Effect Duration: I believe this is a matter of tolerance to be accurate but for me the stone could be easily felt for about an hour, which is great.


RATE SCALE: * bad to ***** good


You guys already know by know but the bag appeal of these dragons is definitely 5 * worthy. I had the green leaf pink/purple bud pheno, saw some slight purple on the leaves during the cleanse at the end. Coming out of the grinder she is just as pretty, you can really see the sticky purple mixing in with the green, lovely.


I think this strain is hands down the most hardy strain I've grown, not the most vigorous but definitely the hardiest. Very minimal effort/care was given to this girl which is terrible I know, but as mentioned above she was just grown on the side for fun/experimental purposes. Despite this I saw VERY little signs of distress, no signs of deficiency until very late flowering, then showed slight signs of cal/Mag def, very normal under LED and especially so under 24/0.

THE SMELL: ****1/2

I'm not very good at picking out specific scents but I'll try my best..She had a very deep smell, quite earthy, not like hash earthy but afghan dank/skunky earthy, mixed in with slight fruity undertones but more floral/fuel like the blackjack. The smell all in all is delicious, I only gave her a 4.5 because my personal preferences are full on fruity strains like blueberry.

THE SMOKE: *****

Lovely thick tasting florally smoke, refer to above for all the flavours and tastes! She is fast acting, I imagine a great tool for muscle relaxant/emergency pain killer meds, I feel her after 4-5 tokes.

THE HIGH: *****

Again, definitely 5 * worthy in my books. After a few tokes you start to feel her behind your eyes, going on to slowly melt your mind, in the best way possible of course. Very relaxing smoke, best strain I've ever smoked for sleep aid, and I feel like I've smoked a fair amount of different pot.. (haven't we all?) :grin:
I wouldn't recommend this strain if you have a productive day, scrap that, productive week lined up. Once I started smoking her I never wanted to stop, truly an addictive and relaxing buzz which surprisingly allows you to focus on the task at hand, providing you aren't too comfortable :grin: I like to play a lot of music, record and make beats and I'd find myself lost in a track for up to 2 hours at a time if I was smoking Stone Dragon in the process..awesome.

Here are a few pictures from my grow, I'll definitely be growing more in the future so I'll update this report when the time comes. Thanks to Stone for gifting me with the seeds and thanks to everyone that followed along for the journey. Can't wait to do it all over again!

:Sharing One:



Berries of Blue
Staff member
AFN Admin
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Oct 8, 2012
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Cheers for the report pal....very nice...:slap:


Great report:Sharing One::slap: nice purple buds. Cant wait for mine to finish up.......


AFN Vibe Guardian
Staff member
AFN Admin
AFN Global Moderator
AFN Gladiator
Nov 6, 2013
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anything I can get my hands on!
Great looking plant, great report!!