Sweet Pure CBD® [New ★ 2018]

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Exotic Flower

Auto Warrior
Jul 26, 2016
Hola María ;)

I think they will available very soon in all the growshops. Did you try here?


I hope you can get them as soon as possible ;)
Sweet smokes!
Hola @Sweet Seeds Jay !

I just checked my usual UK seed bank earlier today,
and the Sweet Pure CBD was there now!!!

Also, do you remember those auto Black Jack
and Crystal Candy prize seeds from a long time ago?
I had them sent to another address, but couldn't pick up,
but will finally be getting them in a few weeks.

Semillas dulces!

Exotic Flower

Auto Warrior
Jul 26, 2016
Thanks for sharing your experience with this strain ;)
It looks like she is starting a deficiency, maybe you could transplant her to a bigger pot.

Sweet smokes!!
Yeah, just a little, already noticed. I think it's just a lack of a little N and maybe Ca/Mg.
I've been using some 15-5-15 Ca/Mg and 5-11-26 on all my girls.
But because most of them are going well into flower, have just shifted to mostly (now all) 5-11-26.
But I think that this lady and my DP Charlotte's Angel (my two pure CBD photo girls)
still need more N and maybe Ca/Mg. So, they're missing out a little.
I just gave the two of them the 15-5-15 Ca/Mg feed this morning.
Will see what they look like over the next day or two.

I am deliberately keeping them in these small 1L pots. I know, tiny.
But I'm doing a micro grow, 8 plants in about 3.5 sq ft, about 60 cm X 50 cm.
No space at all for bigger pot. Once I take my super fast Sweet Skunk Auto down, maybe more room.

With 2+ weeks on 12/12, (after 4 weeks veg,) she's only just starting to show pistils.
The Sweet Seeds website says:

The plants present Indica-Sativa hybrid structure with Sativa predominance.

Data Sheet
Variety SWS65
Indica: 40% / Sativa: 60%

But for now, she looks like indica thick bladed leaves, little to no branching at all.
I know the small pot is going to restrict branching, but...
I have a photo DP Charlotte's Angel in a 1L pot, topped, and she's very wide and open.
And a photo HW Strawberry Cake in a 1L pot, also topped, very heavily branched.

So, I may just have a single stem pheno, like hash plant afghanica type growth.

I bent her right over super cropped yesterday, plus a bit of defoliation,
and now she's turning up at her tip and the tiny nodes are exposed to more light.

Should get a pic for you.

She's going slow, to be honest, but is an interesting plant.
Let's see how she goes, under micro grow conditions.....
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