Sweet Seeds Crystal Candy Auto

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Mar 11, 2013
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:smoking: Oh yeah, that's right! I forgot about this contest,... maybe I should drop some CC in there and see,... :eyebrows:... or wait for the Psicodelicia to finish...?


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Jun 23, 2017
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:drool: :d5: Oh man, those aromatics are making me slobber! Very fine looking bud too @Sage ...nice work! I ran the photo version this season outside, and she was very fast, wonderful fruity-candy aroma live, now in-jar, it's changing...something akin to overripe fruits-? We'll see what a couple weeks brings! Buzz is much the same, nicely balanced, pleasant/mellowing in head and body,...:zen:................ Thank you doing this report mate! :thanks:-- I see Reb has hooked you up with badges, with some :slap: another is due! :toke: :smokeout:
Yeah, overripe fruit is stage mine went through too. Can't say where it went after that because I've accidentally vaped it all :smoking:

Thanks for the slap, my first one on AFN :jointman: