sweet seeds red poison smoke report

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Cannabis Seeds


Auto Warrior
Nov 11, 2013

well it is easy to grow and very quick and beautiful.

buds are dense dark purp, and very stinky in a sweet fruity way.

smoke out of vape. smooth fruity taste. quick and uplifting at first then hard couch lock and major munchies.

yeild was greatly surpassed what the card states and for this i am gratefull. although its more like a 3 month lady than a 8 week like it states on the card.

all in all i will continue to sow this girls as a rugular in my garden

stay sweet m8s


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Nov 23, 2013
Awesome report to hear = ) I hope mine turn out the same! can come at us with some pictures m8? I would personally love to see how your's turned out man


Rocky Mountain...High
Apr 14, 2014
Holy thread zombie guys....last post by OP in here was 8 months ago.

It IS a beautiful and giant Red Poison though.... :)
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Jan 6, 2018
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id wanna mount that thing on my wall.

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