Sweet Seeds - Red Poison.

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Nov 23, 2018
I am going to grow a single Red Poison 'houseplant'.....


This is intended to be a simple, micro grow on my desk, nothing fancy. I will be using a mixture of 1 part Happy Frog, 1 part Ocean Forrest and 1 part Coco Loco.

Lights will be simple SIL's (Screw in LED bulbs) used with simple desk lamps. Bulb and lamps purchased on Amazon and Walmart.

I am using a small 2 gallon Vivosun fabric pot and will fill it just a little over 1/2 full, allowing me to topdress/add more soil later. I want to keep the plant short and bushy, a smaller pot helps with this, as again this is a simple micro desktop grow.

I do very minimal feeding, I do use Recharge, Nitryx, Armory, and MegaPhos promoting solubilizing microbes, beneficial bacillus and bacteria. I want a healthy rhizosphere full of living organisms, the plant roots help feed them and they inturn make nutrients available for root uptake in the plant. In soil grows one feeds the soil as opposed to hydro grows where one feeds the plant.

I try to mimic nature on a small scale, and adding microbes and beneficial bacteria is very easy. When I get into flower and when the plant tells me, I will use some Calmag with zero nitrogen, perfect for flower, as when full bloom hits that's when I expect the leaves to start revealing some deficiency's as the plant will consume its fan leaves for nutrient, some will yellow, spot, die, a normal part of bloom that happens in nature. If I error,I want to error on side of underfeeding as oppose to over feeding.

This will be a Journey as each and every grow can and will have its own issues, twists and turns....

And this Lady grower, knows how to grow a simple houseplant on a desk.
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Mar 13, 2017
desktop micro grow? Never heard of such a thing but can totally see the attraction of it.

>>And this Lady grower, knows how to grow a simple houseplant on a desk.

I don't find canna to be a simple houseplant. Look at one the wrong way and you could lose a crop. But maybe in a desktop micro grow it is just a simple houseplant.


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Apr 17, 2016

Mind if I pull up a beanbag ?


I love houseplant grows. Some still start them that way but I haven't seen a germ to harvest in eons.


All through the 80's I always had a few going in the Stereo room :smokeit:

Ambient light and blue grit :smoking:
(same as all my other houseplants)

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