TaNgs Telos Tent.

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Dec 12, 2011
Hi guys sorry for my absence from this section,all is explained here https://www.autoflower.net/forums/threads/im-back.61429/

I have a new location and new set up and will run this thread for the next few grows.

New set up is a GN Telos pulling 240-250w in a 1x1m BudBox tent and nutrients are Gold Label Soil A&B,Shogun Calmag and Sumo Boost,AN Voodoo Juice and Carboload and Terpinator.....plants are all @seedstockers Autos with an as yet unreleased Hyper Ryder SPG back left, a Blackberry Gum back right (both 38 days old) and at the front I have a Big Bud on the left and a Northern Lights front right (both 15 days old).

Light is on for 20hrs a day and is at a height of 60cm above the flowering plants.

It's early days yet but the plants seem to be enjoying the Telos produced photons. It's an incredibly intense and very white light compared to what I've used in the past and seems to cover the 1m2 space perfectly.

Here's the state of play today...