Teetee does some Dinafem & Dutch Passion goodies with Skyline LEDs


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Jan 24, 2015
Kulu Valley
All right?

Thanks for tuning in to another Teetee grow.

I've been growing mainly Dutch Passion Autos, getting some huge monsters on the way. My last grow yielded over a kilo dry from 4 Autos, and I'm very loyal to the brand.

@DutchPassionTony always looks after me and his generosity means I don't have to buy any more seeds for many years. These are the latest additions to my collection.....


I'm gonna do another Glueberry OG and a Night Queen. The Glueberry is always a big producer and is a good strong all round smoke. Night Queen is just superb - pure Afghan Indica - I grow one every run. Thank you Tony!

I was also lucky enough to receive a gift from @Dinafem-Mark, some Blue Amnesia XXL Autos and some White Widow XXL Autos.....


I am so grateful to you Mark, I've popped one of each, and I can't wait to see how they turn out. White Widow's a classic, and Blue Amnesia sounds amazing. Then there's the XXL bit.....

I love the tins for both brands, the Dinafem ones were much smaller than I expected, but quality.

Our gaff is rented, and subject to an inspection every 3 months. That makes growing pretty tricky.
I also live miles from any civilization, so getting grow supplies is like getting blood out of a stone. I've been waiting 3 weeks for a couple of bags of coco.
As soon as the last inspection finished, I planted the beans. We want to move out in exactly 3 months so I had to get cracking.

I only had a few litres of Coco left over, so I wasn't able to use my usual method of planting directly in 20L airpots. I have 5L airpots which I sometimes use if my 20L ones are still in use, but there wasn't enough coco even for them.

So I got a few paper cups, poked a few holes in the bottom and filled them with coco, soaked them with EC 0.7 feed made up of 0.3ml/L House and Garden Cocos A&B, 0.1ml/L drip clean, 0.3ml/L Roots Excellurator and 0.3ml/L Nitrogen boost.

I planted the seeds about 2cm under the surface and covered each cup with clingfilm and topped them with some thick card to keep the light out. I stuck them under a Skyline 400 LED at max height for a bit of warmth.

2 days later 3 had popped, the Blue Amnesia was first, follwed by the White Widow, then the night Queen.

The next day there was no sign of the Glueberry so I carefully dug down to find her with her helmet off, cotyledons out and looking very pale - almost white. I teased her head out of the coco and pretty soon she started to stand up and turn green.... SHE'S ALIVE!!!!!!

100% succesful germination technique..... just.

Here they are later on that 2nd day....

day 1.JPG

I started feeding the same mixture on day 3, and again on day 5 and 7.... using a 50ml syringe to deliver 100ml gently around the seedlings.

Here they are on day 5

day 5 group 1.JPG

I was beginning to panic, the bloody Coco still hadn't arrived, and I didn't want to have the tap roots hitting the bottom of the cups as I want to avoid stressing them out during the transfer to the 20L airpots.

Finally it arrived this morning - day 9..... so I filled up my trusty 20L airpots, and made a hole in the centre to fit a cup in.
I used scissors to cut the bottom of the cup off, made a slit up the side of the cup, then carefully plonked it in the hole, and slowly pulled up the cup, leaving the seedling in place in the 20L airpot.


It worked a treat.

day 8 group.JPG

clockwise from top left: Glueberry OG, White Widow XXL, Blue Amnesia XXL and Night Queen.

I used the syringe to give them another quick 200ml feed just around the seedlings, and got on with the rest of my day.

This evening, I mixed up another 40L feed, upping the Nitrogen to 0.4ml/L making it EC 0.8, pH 5.8, and gave each pot 10L to saturate the coco and get a bit of run off. The Aquavac is a vital piece of kit for sucking up the run off in a jiffy and giving the tent floor a quick hoover.

I have them under 2 Skyline 400 LEDs at the moment, and will turn them a ¼ turn every day.

They all look pretty happy. The Dinafem girls are bigger, and the Glueberry is the smallest but she was dug up from the dead, so she'll be a day behind the others, but its early days!

Some close ups on day 9 just after repotting, to finish off.....

day 8 WW.JPG

White Widow XXL

day 8 NQ.JPG

Night Queen

day 8 GB.JPG

Glueberry OG

day 8 BA.JPG

Blue Amnesia XXL

It's the Queen's birthday long weekend over here - can't understand why it's a different day to the UK. Still, I'll be getting as caned as possible so thank you for the day off @Your Majesty (she also grows her own).

Cheers for stopping by, I'll update every week or so!
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Sep 6, 2016
Another lot of monsters coming up fella. Have you grown out the Night Queen before?? It's an amazing smoke, like a kick to the balls. Lovely smell during flower too. Good luck, not that you're gonna need it or anything :bow:


Lost in Space
Jan 24, 2015
Kulu Valley
looking good :thumbsup: gb fair caught up to,and coco just in time.
good luck n keep er lit
cheers Archie, nice of you to stop by! I need to order my bits and pieces a bit more in advance.

Another lot of monsters coming up fella. Have you grown out the Night Queen before?? It's an amazing smoke, like a kick to the balls. Lovely smell during flower too. Good luck, not that you're gonna need it or anything :bow:
Mate, I LOVE Night Queen, I've grown her a few times now, it's my favourite smoke by a mile.

Great grow diary bro.

The plants have had a great start to, I wouldn't expect anything less.

Subbed up[emoji106]

Thank you James, the Dinafems, especially have really taken off!

Looking very nice and clean setup teetee bro.
Happy growing karma. :karmacloud::pass::bighug:
Nice one Taipan Bro, all hoovered up and ready to roll again!

Another great grow on it way.:pop:
Cheers Muddy, hope all is well with you mate.

I'll be back to see how she goes. great post!
Thanks Grows mate, you're welcome anytime!

Fellow new south Welshman subbing in here I've been watching your last grow it was insane! I take my hat of to you haha.
No worries @Fatr34 glad you enjoyed it! Hopefully this will be another good one!

Subbed with extreme light envy lol best of luck with the grow Tee :headbang:
With any luck, you're unpacking your spanking new Skyline 400, so envy no more my friend!

This is a quick update for today, day 13.
The plants are between 3½ to 5 inches high..... the Glueberry OG is the shortest (but I did have to dig her up from the dead) then the Night Queen, and the Dinafem girls being the tallest.

day 13 group.JPG

clockwise from bottom left.... Night Queen, Blue Amnesia, White Widow and Glueberry OG

They took to the 20L airpots very well, and I'm now feeding them 1-2L a day, and that's just giving me a dribble of run off. If I wasn't using Drip Clean, I would give them more (but don't start Drip Clean mid way through a grow - either use it from word go, or not at all).

I gave them EC 0.7 from the start, increasing to EC 0.8 (mainly by adding extra Nitrogen boost) from day 9.

This morning, day 13, I increased the feed strength to EC 0.9, this time by adding a touch more A&B (from 0.3ml/L to 0.4ml/L) and starting Multizyme. I use House and Garden nutes and additives, except 'Bloom' Cal-Mag.

I'll be thinking about adding Silicone later this week, in the form of H&G's Amino Treatment, starting at 0.1ml/L, increasing by 0.1ml/L every week until they start flowering.... then I'll stop that for the rest of the grow..... don't want it in my buds!

I'm stll rotating the pots a ¼ turn a day.

It's at this stage I keep a close eye on the EC and the leaves..... increasing the Amino Treatment will increase the overall EC, which might burn my plants, so I will reduce the amount of Nitrogen Boost and/or A&B to compensate.

Here they are as individuals, starting with the Blue Amnesia XXL......
day 13 BA.JPG

....then the White Widow XXL (ignore the clour, I did an auto correct on the brightness by mistake)......
day 13 WW.JPG

Both Dinafems are looking very healthy and have started perfectly. They are showing XXL potential so far!

The Dutch Passion girls are also looking mighty fine, the Night Queen first.....
day 13 NQ.JPG

..... and the Glueberry OG, she will catch up and be another monster I hope!
day 13 GB.JPG

Thanks for taking a look, all the best of growing karma to you!