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Thats whats up, they got it listed wrong on autobeanstalk website.
I got all 3 planted now in the 5 gallon bucket, I dont like putting more.than one per bucket myself, but wanna be sure get a nice one for.ya.
Cant wait.

This post is.more for calendar/reminder type deal for myself. Lol
Day 1. All 3 seeds.poped up pretty quick, look like there of a nice size for day 1 as well.
36 hour tail time, and full germination within 76 hours give or take.

For TBC I took out the runt and going to move it into a smaller pot, plants are strong and healthy they're only about 12 hours older than seed stockers and quite a bit larger.

Day 9 triangle dragons,from the Terrestrial bean company..seem to be loving life. Good strong growth.

Eminem: still dont give a fuck.... Listen to it. Lol

Plants are looking good for most part, ive been running around like a chicken with my head cut off for the last 2 weeks so all plants have gotten a bit neglected, just one of them life situations lol
No sign of sex yet.

@DABaracuss bout the same deal as above lol with this girl illbedamn if I didnt give her the photos water mix, rushing around last week, shes bounced.back now tho. She just revealed sex.

Here is the triangle Dragon runt, she was the only female outta 3, and shes my favorite auto outta the 3 strains I got going so far.

TBC triangle dragon my favorite of my 3 testers so far this run, it reminds me the most of a photo, this was the runt.

TBC triangle dragon, nice nugs on this girl, sweet, citrus type smell is what I've been getting, looked under the scope and she's pure milky fat trichomes, looks to be 100% milky so I'm thinking one week left on her. Think shel have a nice effect.

Final update for TBC triangle dragon, shes smells str8 up like lemon pledge now, got a upload screenshots so I hope everyone can see the quality. Really nice nugs so far.

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