The Basics ( very basic ) of organic growing for begginers


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Aug 3, 2018
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No, Mega is not considered organic. However, its still just crushed minerals and elements, and the micro nutrients are chealted organically using amino acids. I've got red wigglers in my pots that are still alive months later and they feed on soil life so... I probably shouldn't have mentioned it here. However, many of us like to experiment and this is the only nutrient package not considered organic that I'd recommend.
I'll be returning to my organic grows again soon though, its just much harder to do no till in pots organically.
Heck Pop, I’m trying to learn! I’m glad you posted it - Ive been wanting to ask that question and it gave me the opportunity! I’ve got a lot of MC and I was wondering whether it’s have a detrimental effect. If you’re not killing your worms, then that’s a great sign. Thanks for the reply!


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Jul 12, 2018
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Great info and thread! I have been wondering how MC does with beneficial organisms so it's awesome you tried it with your wigglers and they are thriving. I am growing mostly with hydroponics but getting some beneficial root micro organisms going to combat pythium and so far it's going great. I look forward to experimenting with my AutoPots too and possibly going organic with those.