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Feb 13, 2018
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Good grief @midIN smoke a bowl or something. The battle hasn’t even started, they are still working things out, so chill a bit. Not everyone is against you.

And somehow I highly doubt your already-written instructables would be clear in light of your poorly written insults, complaints, and accusations. Will you be throwing tantrums like this throughout the entire grow? It’s old already.
well let's clear ur issue up was I talking to u or anything nope, so dont worry about and ya dont judge what I have when u have no. idea. To help u out there @davisgirl I will gladly delete my afn account. Tired of all the kiss asses people anyways. Oh my the words hurt my feelings only because I dont have the guts to speak up myself about how unorganized this is. Get over yourself. Be a sheep like the rest of your flock,


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Aug 9, 2014
Bloody hell mate , Take a deep breath , it will be sorted , I can see why you are a bit pissed off but these things get sorted in the end . It is all just a bit of fun for every one . You are a valued member it would be a shame to see you go over a bit of miss understanding . :cheers: :smoking::thumbsup: