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Cannabis Seeds

the green bandit

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Jun 27, 2018
I'm betting that will be a plant and toke you will remember for ever!! I still have a little bit of my first ever homegrown in a jar(Himalayan blue diesel). I'm going to grow that strain again one day and see how it performs now I know what I'm doing a little better! Well done on making it through to the end :d5: and welcome to self sufficiency
I’m smoking the first plant I ever grew — GG4. I was up half the night trimming and I’m only half done. But she’s exquisite. I will never set foot in a dispensary again.

archie space gemmill

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Feb 23, 2014
Or list/number any questions here,and il do my best to answer so everyone can see.
I would like to point out i have never done a battle/comp of any kind.as a result i have never tested anything or won a prize.
Im down 4 cups,4 tees and 2 posters.
Or am i asking myself why i do this,maybe i should give someone else a go:pass:is it friday yet ?