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Cannabis Seeds


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Dec 31, 2012
Relax mate your going to give yourself a heart attack soon :vibe: we don't want ya banged up before the battle even starts!
Lmfao i love ya bandit. Remember i was all hopped up back in the day on here? Dann near killed myself freakin out on here. Thank god never got kicked off. Purdy chilled i am now. Well usually


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May 25, 2016
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Being very old.... and easily confused.... As a contestant in this (and other) Battle(s). I think I have to update here as well as there :shrug:

Hopefully I will get it eventually....

So, @St. Tom here is an Update

Change of seed
Water (with roots excelsior)
In tent, Under Cobs, Temp 24.5c, Rh55%

Had a problem with some seeds germinating, I have replaced them with new seeds....

Failed Germ 1.jpg

Failed Germ 2.jpg