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Feb 24, 2016
@Bailey here's my Seedstockers Weekly Update.

Candy Dawg auto day 78 in soil:

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Very few changes, simply waiting for her buds to fill out which is happening slowly but surely and seems to be speeding up the more mass she gains.

Despite taking a little longer to develop, I think she is by far one of the nicest plants I've grown.

Her aroma is intense sweet kush with a sour spice after tone, and stark contrast in her colouring between her vibrant white/ yellowing orange pistils to her super dark green foliage. A striking auto that is pleasing to the senses!

I plan on getting her on a short flush (using Biobizz so not really needing a long one) as soon as she's ready, and will start watching those trichs daily the moment her buds finish filling out.

Nicole Cream test plant day 78:

Finally this one seems to be getting somewhere, however I doubt she would finish before the cut off so I am glad I picked the Candy Dawg to enter.

She is now fat bigger in terms of both height and bushiness and is looking like she will be a heavy yeilder so I have no qualms letting her grow as long as needed.

Her smell is very creaming and very kushy spicy. View attachment 1041693 View attachment 1041687 View attachment 1041686
Anyway peace out AFN and happy growing guys!
Got ya m8