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Aug 25, 2013
So good and bad experiences...I popped a gsc bean and it's huge !!! Will be flowering any day now and in 3 gal smart pots. The pheno I have already has a destinctive minty smell and huge very indica dominant thick fan leaves. I really can't wait to see the final products. On the downside I also had 3 green crack seeds and all 3 were fails !!! 1 didn't germ, 1 was a mutant that popped but never developed into anything more than a green bean !!! And the 3rd died due to neglect as I put her under the hps with the big girls shortly after breaking the soil and forgot to water for a few days so she dried and shrivelled.

Still I have 1 northern light almost ready for chop from 00 seeds which is nice looking and an average yielder.

1 fast and vast and 1 2f2v that I am extremely disappointed with as I find them to be the 2 worste yielders from all my auto experiments I think I will be lucky to see a zip from each dry!!! Now maybe it is my fault as night temps are dropping alot and humidity is becoming a bit high and hard to control but if this is the case they are not very forgiving at all.
To be honest, Ive found the Green Crack to be a bit unstable, my first one was a mutant but I managed to top it in time, ended up with lovely dense and potent buds, however I popped 2 more and they both were mutants, the one ended up very stunted and the other I gave up on. Really top bud if ya can get her to the end though.
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Jun 3, 2016
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Fast Buds