The Elvis Rocks the forum!! >:) Growing The New FastBuds strains!!

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Fast Buds

The Elvis

King of Rock in Roll
Jun 28, 2014
Hello Ladies and gentleman!! :headbang: welcome to my carnival, This time we will take a journey into some new genetics but also growing with great technology like COBS, and LED.
I will be making some light changes here soon. I want to add more cobs and experiment a little more with Cree.:eyebrows:

Warning !!!!!! The Elvis threads are controversial and you must be 21years or older!! I am not responsible if you get offended by the following.

sex .

drugs ...

rock in Roll..
nekkid ladies

cannabis plants!!!:growing:


The B.D.M:pass:passses to @tripaholic88


@Bailey @Wile e Peyote @XxxAuto @witchyhour @sanguine @Coffee&Kush @Only1Sky @bf80255 @The Elvis @IceWater421 @Dr. Babnik @Waira @pop22 @HemiSync @Hansbricks @Starbreaker @derek420colorado

Lets Party!!!:drunks:

C.C:headbang: passes to @Frankthetank



gonna be a stunner!!!:eyebrows:

last but not the lest the C.B.D..:smoking:

look how green she is!!!:welcome:
Loud and heavy!!!:headbang:
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