The January 2016 BOM/POM CONTEST:Why.....I'm HIGH!!!

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21st Century Medicine Man
Mar 28, 2014
Welcome One and All, to the Great AFN January 2016 BOM/POM Contest!

This month's theme is "Why....I'm HIGH!!!"
And, there'll be some rep for Peeps who share the story of the First Time they got high :baked:


And, after last month's BUDapaloossa, we should demand pics of the harvest! Something like THIS, methinks:

Without further ado.....:deadhorse:
The Rules of the Game:


If you have a NAME and a LINK you can nominate!!!
1)Name of nominated grower
2) Link to grow/picture

The Rules:
1) No Self-nominations .

2) Must be a Fully Auto flowering plant.

3) Nominating member can only nominate 1 picture per monthly contest.

4) One plant one nomination per member, Final picture decided by grower. Single picture of plant- no multi-views, please.

5) Full documentation here on AFN. Fully documented meaning at least 4 weeks (28 days) to the time of the photograph, photographed & posted between the 25th of the previous month to the 25th of the current month.

6) A Thread link must be provided.

NOMINATION ARE OPEN until January 25th ,when the Voting starts!:)

The Prizes:
5.. Fast Buds Auto seed's
3.. Dutch Passion Auto Fem's
3.. Sweet Seeds Fems
7.. Mephisto Genetics Fems

NOTE: Prizes may vary between the US and Europe.